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This page allows you to search through our online database of stolen items.

The database is searchable by category (just click one of Category links on the left) or by Keyword (choose a category from the drop down list, type a search phrase or word into the 'Keyword(s)' field and click the 'Go' button.

The search results are returned in a paged format with a maximum of ten items per page. If more than one page is returned then the pages can be navigated by clicking on the previous page or next page links or by clicking on a page number link.

Each search item is displayed in a table which lists the item name, status and a short description, as well as a small thumbnail picture of the item. To view more information about the item click on the view link. If you have any information about an item, click the notify link to send an email to the person currently responsible for the item. Clicking on the thumbnail will open a window that displays a larger picture of the item.

Click Here to Visit the Object ID Web Site

All of the items in the FindStolenArt database are catalogued using the Object ID standard. If you would like more information about this international standard for describing cultural objects, you can look at the Object ID topic on the help page. Click Here to view now. Alternatively, you can visit the Object ID home page by clicking on the logo to left.

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